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About Us

We are a Christ Centered, Faith Based Organization


To empower, encourage and boost the self-esteem of cancer patients


Create smiles and a positive self-image for cancer patients in our local communities and surrounding states by providing complimentary, beautiful, comfortable hats, as well as wigs, scarves and make-up. Increase the self-confidence of individuals undergoing cancer treatments by improving the condition of their skin and physical appearance.

The Heart Behind The Hats

Cindi Larson

Cindi Larson, Founder and President of Hug A Heart Foundation

Cindi, a talented and compassionate hairstylist, designed Hug A Heart Hats in 2015, while participating in the American Cancer Society’s Look Good, Feel Better Program.  This program provides classes to help cancer patients tie scarves, select wigs and apply make-up. She soon realized that her new friends, who were experiencing hair loss, needed a better solution for head coverings. They often told her that wigs were uncomfortable, hot and irritated their tender heads. She also learned that scarves were not the best option because many of them easily slipped off their heads. The women also expressed their concerns about how their hair loss made their heads look too small for their bodies.

Cindi felt a tug on her heart and decided to find a solution for these problems. She believed these mothers, daughters and wives, who were going through a traumatic health experience, deserved to feel and look beautiful.

Upon Cindi’s request, her aunt Suzie taught her how to sew. She also gave her an antique Singer sewing machine, which belonged to Cindi’s grandmother. Cindi practiced sewing and in a true labor of love, she designed Hug A Heart Hats.

Eric Larson

Eric Larson, Executive Director of Hug a Heart Foundation

Eric Larson has a passion for assisting the cancer patients he meets in hospitals and the foundation’s Hug A Heart Room. Eric serves as a volunteer for other charitable organizations and is active in Marketplace Ministry.

Mr. Larson has over 25 years of experience in accounting, operations, enterprise resource planning and non-profit software. He served as the Director of Operations at a non-profit ministry in southeast Dallas for over 3 years and has held various positions in both small and large corporations. Eric earned his Bachelor of Business Science in Finance at the University of Texas at Dallas.